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Transportation Contact

Lisa Hodges

Lisa Hodges

Transportation/Food Service Supervisor


Please review the information below with your student.

  • Be at point of safety 5 minutes prior to arrival time – STATE LAW. According to Ohio Administrative Code, “Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive” (OAC 3301-83-08 (C) (1). At Mapleton, we adhere to 5 minutes but depending on students not riding on a particular day, this time could vary to between 5-10 minutes.
  • Driver will designate a point of safety spot for your student. This is 10 feet from the road, and we try to give them a landmark to know where to stand.
  • If students are waiting in a vehicle in the driveway, they need to get out of the vehicle as they see the bus approaching and be in their designated point of safety spot when the bus stops.



Safety Procedures

  • Hand dropping (by the driver) when student is getting on, before student moves out of point of safety.
  • When crossing the road, after driver has given the hand signal, look both ways before proceeding to cross.
  • When sounding of the horn when there is danger, look at driver for instructions.
  • Never go back to the bus after being crossed and the bus is pulling away. Some students try to go to the mailbox to get the mail. This is not permitted! The student will need to wait until the bus leaves before moving from designated point of safety.

Proper Bus Etiquette

  • Seat to seat, back to back, feet to floor if they can touch, book bags on their laps.
  • Stay out of aisles—this is for safety purposes. The seat in front of them acts as a safety guard, and they need to be behind it AT ALL TIMES.
  • There is no standing when the bus is moving. If student needs to come to the front to talk to the driver, they need to wait until the bus stops.
  • No food or drink on the bus.
  • No live animals are to be brought on the bus.
  • If any large objects need transported to school, parents will need to bring the item to school as it causes overcrowding on the bus.
  • The Elementary route is sometimes seated 3 students to a seat, so students need to be respectful of their neighbors.
  • Electronic devices are permitted but need to be put away out of view when on the bus. There should not be any picture taking on the bus, and devices are not to be passed around from student to student.