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The Mapleton Guidance Department welcomes the opportunity to help Mapleton students (grades 9-12) and their families navigate academic, personal and social development during the high school years.  This website provides students and their parents with comprehensive and current information on numerous topics pertaining to student academic success, course scheduling, graduation planning, college/career preparation, the college and scholarship application process, testing, and the wide variety of opportunities for students.  Use the navigational panel to the left to view available resources.  Please let us know if we can offer assistance or if you have feedback to share. 

Sherri Shafer

Sherri Shafer

School Counselor 

Important Resources

  • ACT

  • Ohio Means Jobs K-12 is a new, no-cost, online career planning tool that helps students discover career interests, explore future job options, build a future budget, create a resume and more.

    NCSC Career Coach is a career assessment that helps you learn about yourself and will give you career suggestions based on your interests. 

    Careers and Employment Trends  - This online resource represents RIT’s continued commitment to providing concise and relevant career guidance and outcome information to students, families, members of the guidance and counseling communities, and any interested individuals who wish to explore the relationship between career opportunities and college-level academic preparation. Assembled and organized by RIT’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education, the site includes both Job Outlook 2024 and a summary of career outcomes for each’s year graduating class from RIT. 


    Mapping Your Future is a nonprofit organization committed to helping students, families, and schools navigate the higher education and student loan processes through trusted career, college, and financial aid counseling and resources.  This site will help students assess skills and interests, research careers, develop a career plan, explore skills needed for specific careers, and write resumes.

    The O*NET Program is the nation's primary source of occupational information.  The O*NET database contains hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptions of almost 1,000 occupations covering the entire U.S. economy. The database, which is available to the public at no cost, is continually updated from input by a broad range of workers in each occupation.

    O*NET information is used by millions of individuals every year, including those taking advantage of O*NET Online, My Next Move, and other publicly and privately developed applications. The data have proven vital in helping people find the training and jobs they need, and employers the skilled workers necessary to be competitive in the marketplace.

    Mapleton Local Schools BOE policy related to Career Advising can be found here:

    Board Policy 7.33 - Career Advising

  • The NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse is an organization that works with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to determine a student’s eligibility for athletics participation in his or her first year of college enrollment.  Students who want to participate in college sports at a Division I or Division II school must register with the Clearinghouse.  (NCAA Division III requirements are left up to the individual schools.  Contact the college/university of interest for more information.)


    1. Initial eligibility requirements for each division can be reviewed at:  NCAA Eligibility Center
    2. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse online at the beginning of your junior year. 
    3. Sign the transcript release forms after registering with the Clearinghouse and return them to the Guidance office.
    4. When taking the ACT/SAT, the scores must be sent directly to the Clearinghouse. Test scores on transcripts will not be used.
    5. Continue to check your grades, classes, and ACT/SAT scores against the NCAA requirements as you go through your senior year.

    There are a variety of excellent resources from the NCAA Eligibility Center on the NCAA website.  If you are considering collegiate athletics, please take the time to explore this site devoted to potential future athletes!

  • The CCP Information Night for the 2024-2025 school year is Thursday, February 1st at 5:30 in the MHS commons.

    The state of Ohio requires students wishing to participate in CCP to receive counseling about the College Credit Plus program concerning the rules and regulations for both their high school and their college. This is to ensure that students and families understand their responsibilities, as well as the benefits and possible risks of participating in the College Credit Plus program. Students may not participate in CCP programs without this counseling.  

    The CCP PowerPoint presentation for school year 2024/2025 is here:

    Public Annual CCP Information Session

    Once you read through the PowerPoint presentation, you and your student must fill out and submit the Intent to Participate Google document no later than April 1st, 2024.  The link to the Intent to Participate Google document is here:

    Mapleton HS CCP Intent Form 2024-2025

    CCP Checklist


    1. Attend the state mandated CCP meeting or read through the PowerPoint presentation linked above.
    2. Turn in your Intent to Participate Google document online (linked above) no later than April 1st, 2024. As a reminder, completing this intent form by April 1, 2024, does not mean you have to participate in CCP next school year.  However, if you do NOT complete this intent form by April 1, 2024, you will need the permission of the building principal to participate in CCP next school year.
    3. Apply to your college/university. Deadlines vary by college/university.  It is YOUR responsibility to know these deadlines.
    4. Let the guidance office know that you have applied so that transcripts can be sent.  If you fail to let the guidance office know to send transcripts, this may make you ineligible to sign up for classes and participate in CCP.
    5. You must sign and return your CCP permission slip to your college/university. This is different from your Intent to Participate form!
    6. Once accepted, check your college/university email often!  This is how they communicate with you!
    7. Set up any required Accuplacer testing needed for courses in which you wish to enroll. This testing takes place on the campus you wish to attend.  The guidance department CANNOT set this up for you. Check your college/university email OFTEN. They will give you instructions on how to sign up!  If you are unclear on whether or not you need testing, communicate with your CCP advisor.
    8. Meet all college/university deadlines and follow all procedures for enrolling in classes. These vary by college/university. It is YOUR responsibility to stay in contact with your CCP advisor regarding these deadlines and procedures. Check your college/university email OFTEN.
    9. Give the guidance office a copy of your college/university schedule so that your HS schedule can be adjusted if necessary and they can verify your progress towards graduation.
    10. If anything changes in your CCP schedule, let the guidance office know ASAP. Your academic records at MHS need to accurately reflect what you are doing!
    11. When classes start, it is your responsibility to secure materials. Find out what books you need by checking your syllabus and/or emailing your professor. BEFORE PICKING ANY MATERIALS UP FROM THE BOOK STORE, email the names of your books to the guidance office. If MHS has books, YOU MUST PICK THEM UP FROM THE OFFICE. If MHS does not have the books you need, it is your responsibility to pick up needed materials from the college/university bookstore.  
    12. If you are an athlete, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough credits to stay eligible and to submit grades at the end of each 9 weeks to ensure eligibility! You must have 5 credits to be eligible. Each CCP class counts for 2. See OHSAA guidelines for more specific requirements.  

    Click the images below to find more information about CCP at these schools.



    Ashland University CCP

    The Ohio State University CCP


  • The videos linked below should answer many questions and concerns students have about filing the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid: 

    Financial Aid Facts
    The first mistake many students and families make is assuming they can't afford college. Don't be discouraged by the sticker price of college until you know how much financial aid may be available to you. Financial aid can significantly reduce the cost of college, but it can be tricky to estimate how much student aid you will get. Two factors are generally used to determine who gets student aid and how much they get: need and merit. 

    • "Merit-based" aid is given to students who do something exceptionally well (like music, athletics, or academics) or to students who plan to have a career in an area that will benefit the community or the country (like teaching, science, math, and engineering). 
    • "Need-based" aid is given to students who demonstrate a lack of financial resources to pay for college.

    Some student aid programs use a combination of need and merit to determine eligibility.

    It all starts with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is linked here. With this one application, you can apply for financial aid at multiple colleges and from multiple funding sources (federal, state, institutional and private providers of assistance). Mistakes can delay your application, potentially limiting the amount of aid you are eligible to receive.

  • Ohio law enacted new, long-term graduation requirements for the class of 2023 and beyond. Guidance is now available for these long-term graduation requirements.

    Ohio' Graduation Requirements.

    The guidance document provides more information on the competency scores and detailed information about each of the state-defined seals. Updates will be made to the document as more information becomes available and additional guidance is finalized. Please note the version date at the bottom of the document.

    Ohio law directed the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, to establish a competency score on the English language arts II and algebra I end-of-course tests. The Ohio Department of Education, after gathering feedback from Ohio’s education stakeholders and business communities, determined that “competency” would be set at a score of 684 for both the English language arts II and algebra I tests. 

    The following link provides graduation requirements: Classes of 2023 and Beyond Graduation Requirements

  • What are Honors Diplomas?

    High school students can gain state recognition for exceeding Ohio’s graduation requirements through an honors diploma. Students challenge themselves by taking and succeeding at high-level coursework and in real-world experiences.

    Ohio students have the opportunity to choose to pursue one of six honors diplomas.  The criteria for each are listed on the links below:


    1. Academic Honors Diploma
    2. International Baccalaureate Honors Diploma
    3. Career Tech Honors Diploma
    4. STEM Honors Diploma
    5. Arts Honors Diploma - this includes dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual arts
    6. Social Science and Civic Engagement Honors Diploma 
  • Here is the PE Waiver packet.  Waiver forms will be distributed by coaches to athletes near the end of each season. You may also find waiver forms in the packet linked below.

    Waivers WILL NOT be granted and placed on official transcripts until TWO seasons have been completed and TWO forms are completed and returned to the guidance office!

  • Scheduling meetings for the 2024-2025 school year were held Monday, March 4th. Registration forms were due Friday March 8th.  

    Extra registration forms can be found in the high school office.  They are also linked here:

    Registration Sheet 24-25

    The 2024-2025 MHS Course Selection Guide is linked here:

    2024-2025 MHS Course Selection Guide

  • I AM A CLASS OF 2024 

    All of the local scholarships, the ones in blue folders, had instruction sheets placed behind the scholarship certificates that included where you should send thank you notes and also how to receive your scholarship awards.  The instructions for the scholarship awards are as follows:

    Please note that most local scholarships will not be paid out until you send Mrs. Elson two things at 

    1. a transcript from your Fall 2024 semester showing satisfactory academic progress, and
    2. a class schedule for Spring 2025 semester.  

    Please make sure that your name and the name of the college/university appears on the transcript. Please also be sure to include the address to which you would like your check sent. Once these two things have been approved by the donor, the necessary paperwork can be completed in order for you to receive payment. 

    Any scholarships from ACCF, the ones announced by Mr. Kidney, would have had directions provided by ACCF. If you have questions, you may contact through their website: ACCF


    ALL scholarship Information will be added here as it is received for the 2024-2025 school year. Please understand that it is impossible to list everything. Scholarship information will be listed according to the scholarship's DUE DATE. Scholarships will be removed from this list after their due dates have passed.

    Scholarships will also be divided into two categories LOCAL and STATE/NATIONAL.  STATE/NATIONAL scholarships are more competitive since there will be many more applicants.

    Please do not wait until the due date to turn things in to the guidance office! Doing so may make it impossible for necessary tasks to be accomplished and for everything to be turned in to scholarship committees on time.




    Check back next year.




    Check back next year.


    Applying for scholarships requires you to be aware of the deadlines and requirements associated with each scholarship.  Allow yourself plenty of time to complete applications, write essays if required, and request recommendations.  Early submission of materials is strongly encouraged!

    Tips for Completing Scholarship Applications:

    • Start Early!  Do not wait until the week the scholarship is due.
    • Check the Eligibility Requirements.  Look at areas such as GPA and intended major to make sure you qualify.
    • Follow Instructions Carefully.  Include all requested materials, get every required signature, submit as many copies as required, formatted exactly as requested, and keep the essay relevant.
    • Neatness and Accuracy Counts!  Check your spelling.  Print carefully with black ink – no pencil!  If your handwriting is difficult to read, consider typing the application.  Answer questions as completely and correctly as you can.  Avoid abbreviations that are not easily recognizable.
    • Proofread Your Application Carefully.  Enlist the help of other people to proofread your application.
    • Request materials or letters of recommendation from counselors, teachers, or community members at least 2 – 3 weeks before the deadline.  (See Letters of Recommendation Guidelines below.)
    • Ask Questions.  If you are unsure about how to complete an application, stop by the Guidance Office for assistance.

    Useful scholarship links:

    How do I find and apply for scholarships?

    How do I get letters of recommendation?


  • Mapleton High School
    1 Mountie Dr.
    Ashland, Ohio 44805
    Phone: (419) 945-2188   Fax: (419) 945-8166
    Corey Kline, Principal
    Shelly Stackhouse, Athletic Director
    Sherri Shafer, School Counselor

    School and Community: With an enrollment of 843 students, the Mapleton Local School District covers 100.62 square miles and borders on Wayne, Huron, Medina, and Richland counties. It is comprised of an elementary school (Preschool-5), one middle school (6-8), and one high school (9-12).

    Mapleton High School is a four-year, comprehensive high school located in Ashland County about 7 miles northeast of Ashland. Enrollment (grades 9-12) is 276 students. 15% of the student body attends The Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center.  Mapleton High School offers students the opportunity to participate in post-secondary educational options through partnerships with several institutions of higher learning, or students may attend the International Baccalaureate program offered through the Tri-County International Academy.  

    Staff:  The Mapleton High School staff includes one administrator, one counselor, and 20 faculty members.

    Requirements for Graduation:  For the current senior class, 21 credits are required for graduation including 4 credits of English, 4 credits of math, 3 credits of science, 3 credits of social studies, ½ credit of physical education, and ½ credit of health in addition to 6 elective credits. One of the 6 elective credits must be a fine arts credit. 

    Grade Point Average/Class Rank:  GPA is weighted. Mapleton High School courses are weighted on a 4.0 scale.  Mapleton High School CCP/Dual Credit courses are weighted on a 5.0 scale.  All courses for which grades are given are used in the figuring of the GPA.  GPA is figured by computer and carried out 3+ decimal places which will determine class rank. The cumulative GPA is computed at the conclusion of each semester. 

    ACT Results:  Average ACT scores for the Class of 2024 from the March 2023 state-wide testing (76 students tested): 16.9 English, 17.6 Math, 19.1 Reading, 17.7 Science, 17.9 Composite

    Post High School Education:  Approximately 42% of the 2023 graduating class had plans to move on to some form of higher education. 19% intended to attend a 2-year community college and 23% a 4-year college or university. 

  • Former students may request official transcripts through the Guidance Office.  Requests can be made by calling the Guidance Office at 419-945-2188 or by emailing or the transcript release form attached below.   

    Transcript requests will be processed within 3-5 business days.

    Please note that transcripts sent directly to students are considered "unofficial."  A third party may not accept these transcripts.

    There is no charge for transcripts.

    MHS Transcript Release Form